- How to Get to Keats Island -

You have several options, the first two being the most straight forward.

A) BC Ferries:
Step 1 - The Queen of Surrey from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale; and,
Step 2 - The Stormaway III & IV, serving Langdale to either Eastbourne (us) or Keats Landing (the other end of our island). This service replaced the aging Dogwood Princess II several years ago, and is run under contract with Kona Winds.

B) the water taxis run by Mercury Launch & Tug

Other options would include:

C) Gambier Island Water Taxi: call John Calder and he'll pick you up at Langdale and run you to Keats Landing or Eastbourne for $65, and can accomodate up to five people, depending on weight and baggage. You can reach him at 604.886.8321 (res) or 604.740.1133 (cell).

D) Gibsons Landing Harbour Tours: Tony Kristian runs a lovely green awning'd boat out of Gibsons – 604.886.4910. Running to Keats Landing he charges about $25, and could probably get you to Plumper Cove Marine Park or simply out for an afternoon tour as well.


Last updated 2010-08-16

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