~ Ammie & Allie on Keats Island ~

On Keats Island, early May

Ammie and Grandma E

Lawn party


Summerland BC with the Jonsson-Good Kids

Joyriding with Nicole

Fill 'er up, please

'You're just a six dressed up as a nine...'

Traffic jam

Wagons away!

Video (1.9MB) The Flintstones

The lure of the television

How to cut greenhouse gases

Play time, indoors

Got it made in the shade

Video (1.8MB) Water babies

Skaha Lake in May—and 30°C

Ammie testing the new car seat

Back home on Keats Island

Ammie: Hmmm, cream cheese...

Allie: Huh? Cream cheese?

Video (0.9MB) Allie gettin' dizzy with it

Ammie & Allie, page 2

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