~ Ammie & Allie on Keats Island ~

Desolation Sound aboard la Sonrisa II, mid-June

All set to go

Rainbow over Desolation Sound

South end of Texada Island

Stretching our legs on the float

Ammie: Safety first!

Kayaking 101

Kayaking 101

Kayaking 101

Video (2.2MB) Ammie & the Kayak

Kayaking 101

Allie & Co off to check the crab traps

Kayaking 101

Collecting kelp for dolls

Naptime for merganser chicks

Naptime for young kayakers, too!

Kayaking 101

Allie: Right! Where to next?

Our anchorage

Good thing it wasn't raining

On the beach, Savary Island

In Ár dTermoinn's garden, end of June

Whoa! There's a cat there!

Hmm... grass...


Don't forget the dollies!

Off for a stroll

Hey, what's that?

I think there's something in the grass!

Auntie Brenda!

Kitty to me!

'Ring around the rosie...'



Hide & seek with Amber

I see you!


...playmates behind!

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