- Ár dTermoinn -

Ár dTermoinn - Old Irish for "our sanctuary" - is located at the eastern end of Keats Island in Howe Sound. A ten or fifteen minute walk up the hill from the dock at Eastbourne, brings one through this community of quarter-acre cottage lots to our ten acres of paradise.

To give you a brief look at the interior of our home as of late February 2004, including the new wood heater and the newly-reupholstered sofa, you may now view a select few photos here.

Keats Island has been honoured this year by the visitation of a black bear, presumably swum over from the Gibsons area. On May 10 and 11, we and our bird feeders hosted the bear on our property. Here's three short videos of it. You probably want a broadband connection to view these.

Bear: video one Bear: video two Bear: video three

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